About Our Company

LaCore Enterprises is a global consulting company guiding startups to success.

Terry LaCore

Terry LaCore, president of LaCore Enterprises is a leading entrepreneur in the world of sales and distribution with companies around the globe. He rose to the top early on and has leveraged his expertise in the startup of several successful companies such as b:HIP, Pruvit, GNO and more. His global experience is sought out for logistics management strategy and he’s always looking for new ideas and products that make a positive impact economically and socially. 

Family and giving back are top priorities for Terry and his main motivation. Active in both charitable endeavors as well as community committees, Terry and the LaCore family can often be seen at community sporting events and other activities in his home town of Melissa and North Texas. 


Ann Erlandsson

Ann Erlandsson joined LaCore Enterprises in 2011 after moving to Texas from California where she was working in a Los Angeles accounting firm. The LaCore Enterprises team immediately recognized her talent and personality were a perfect fit. With a Ph.D, in Business Studies and her experience as a Certified Public Accountant her skills were highly sought after. Since joining the team, she is an asset in more than just the accounting department, she continually motivates the team toward excellence and detail.   

With her two boys, Ann loves to be active. She and her boys are involved in several sports on a non-competitive bases. As an avid runner, Ann started participating in triathlons this year. Fairly new to Texas, Ann, her husband and their boys enjoy exploring the area and going to movies.


Jenifer Grace

Teaming up with Terry in 2008, and then joining full time in 2010, Jenifer Grace assists with legal and operational aspects of LaCore Enterprises. She enjoys learning both the new aspects of each business, as well as, each area of the law involved with its operation and protection. Protective of both the team, and the operations, Jenifer’s conservative nature is a perfect fit. 

Although originally born in Gary Indiana, Jenifer grew up among the mountains of Reno Nevada. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Nevada Reno, and then gained her Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 2000.


Kim Dean

Kim Dean serves in several roles in the LaCore Enterprises family of companies. While her primary role is Paralegal to Chief Legal Counsel, Jenifer Grace, she also uses her background as a licensed real estate broker and serves as Property Manager for LaCore Rental Properties. Kim is an entrepreneur herself, and co-owns D+B Real Estate, LLC. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness and Speech Communications from Texas A&M University, and a certificate in paralegal studies from SMU. 


Francois Jacomet

Francois joined LaCore in Dec 2015 and BHIP in June 2008. Engineer in Electronics and Buyer of General Resources, he has over 20 years of experience in International Operations from Europe. He was GM of b:hip Europe, b:hip UAE and now Director of International Development at LaCore Ent. Francois is fond of soccer, in his spare time, he enjoys jogging, reading and watching politics and detective series.